Zober Industries Adds a Third Selective Soldering System

Our commitment to investing in capital equipment to improve our efficiencies and capabilities continues with the recent addition of a third Ersa Select Soldering System– the Versaflow 3/45. This is a high end selective soldering system that incorporates both mini wave soldering for high flexibility or multi wave soldering for high volume. It has a parallel process through separation of fluxing, preheating and soldering cycle. With more and more PCB assemblies being double sided it is imperative to have the through put to be able to process these utilizing automation versus hand soldering. The consistency and quality of the solder joints from the Ersa machines is second to none.

Zober Industries Adds a Third AOI Machine With 3D Capability

The addition of the Saki BF-3Di-Z1 is an excellent compliment to the two Saki Frontier AOI machines that Zober has been utilizing to perform AOI insepection on 100% of the PCBAs we produce. Besides adding testing capacity this latest technology machine provides us with 3D AOI capability. The BF-3Di-Z1 measures the height of all the parts on a PCB and provides clear side-view images of all devices which significantly improves inspection capabilities over 2D technology. Using quad directional side cameras this AOI can inspect QFN’s, J-leads and connectors and enables detection of the most difficult defects such as lifted leads, tombstones, reverses and height variations. The 3D technology in this machine enables measurement of component heights from 0 to 20mm, measurement of the surface of SMD devices and PTH packages from all four directions without a dead angle, achieves full automation with very low false calls and zero escapes and detects failures of microchips with small pads and parts that have bottom electrodes.

Zober Has Expanded its Machining Capabilities

Zober continues to execute on its commitment to reinvest in its business. Zober understands the importance of investing in the latest machine technologies in order to provide our customers with the capability to produce the most challenging parts and to increase our efficiencies in production so that we can continue to provide the most cost effective solutions. With this in mind Zober is pleased to announce the latest addition to our machining capabilities – the Chiron DZ15W. This CNC controlled machining center provides high speed manufacturing of the highest quality and with the greatest productivity for milling, countersinking, reaming, tapping and sawing. Our machine is currently configured with double spindles and a lightning fast basket tool changer that has 20 tool places which is highly productive due to chip to chip times as short as 1.7s.

Zober Pleased to Announce: Effective May 1, 2018, David Misher Has Been Promoted to Vice President of Sales

Zober Industries Inc is pleased to announce that effective 5/1/18 David Misher has been promoted to Vice President of Sales. Dave had been working in business development for Zober since he sold his Contract Electronics Manufacturing company (Strategic Manufacturing Technologies) to Zober in April of 2016. Dave founded Strategic Manufacturing in 2001 and successfully managed and grew the business over a 15 year period. Prior to starting his own manufacturing business Dave was VP of Operations at Creative Labs in Malvern, PA. This was a US manufacturing location for the Singapore based computer peripheral and electronic device manufacturer which at that time was doing over a billion in sales. This was a position that grew out of his 14 years working in purchasing and operations management for Ensoniq Corp. (a manufacturer of electronic synthesizers and audio PCBA’s for personal computers) which was bought by Creative Labs in the late 1990’s. As VP of Sales Dave will be responsible for managing Zober’s business development group, maintaining and strengthening the relationships with our current customers and assisting with overall process improvements. His extensive experience in both sales and operations management will be a complimentary addition to Zober’s executive management team and will further support Zober’s commitment to continuous improvement in all facets of it’s business.

Zober Industries Achieves Re-Certification to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016

Zober Industries, Inc achieves re-certification to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products and it is core to our corporate mission and philosophy. A high standard of quality is essential to our business and to support that effort we subject our systems and processes to the rigors of both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical product specific). Zober is proud to announce that we have recently achieved re-certification to the latest standards. Both certificates are available for viewing on the QUALITY section on our web site. We understand that the effort to be our best is never ending. We will continue to improve by looking for best practices through internal audits as well as yearly external surveillance audits conducted by an ISO registrar.

Zober Industries Pleased to Announce Another Major Capital Equipment Acquisition

Zober Industries, Inc is pleased to announce another major capital equipment acquisition. In mid 2017 we installed and began operating our second Amada laser cutter. This latest Amada FLCAJ 4020 model is a 4kw fiber laser which produces a laser beam with a wavelength that is approximately one tenth of that emitted by a conventional CO2 laser. This results in process range expansion that ensures that unique materials such as copper (and other previously difficult to cut materials) can now be cut quickly and precisely. The extremely small spot density of the focused fiber laser beam results in unparalleled cutting speeds in thin materials – in some cases up to 5 times faster than the comparable CO2 laser. This machine is capable of cutting stainless steel as thick as 0.709″ and aluminum as thick as 0.630″. This machine provides more efficient processing which we enhanced by adding on an automated handling system which can run operator free. Coupled with it’s lower operating cost (consumes 1/3 the energy of a comparable CO2 machine) this addition to our sheet metal fabrication department is a win/win for both Zober and our customers

Zober Industries Completes Facility Expansion of 20,000 Square Feet

Zober Industries is excited to announce the completion of a construction project which has expanded our manufacturing space by 20,000 square feet. This expansion not only added operating space but also created more efficiency by joining what was two separate buildings into one contiguous facility which now totals 180,000 square feet. This additional space is being used to reorganize and expand both our sheet metal fabrication department and our outbound shipping operations.

Zober Industries Increases Surface Mount Technology – Upgrades Its Fourth Surface Mount Assembly Line

Zober Industries, Inc., located in Croydon, PA has expanded its surface mount capabilities with a significant investment in the latest state of the art Fuji pick and place machines. The addition of two AMIEX IIs machines is a great compliment to our three other Fuji surface mount lines as they provide the capability of assembling large boards up to 30″ x 27″. On top of that they can support the placing of a large variety of components as small as 01005’s and as large as 7.5mm x 7.5mm with a max height of 25.4mm. These very accurate machines (+/- 0.038mm) utilizing Multiple Feeder Units that have a capacity of 130 slots which can be grouped and exchanged at once which reduces set up and down time.

Zober Industries Adds New X-Ray Inspection Station

As Printed Circuit Boards get smaller and denser, it gets increasingly more difficult to inspect and warrant proper assemblies. Zober Industries recognized this need and has purchased a new X-Ray Inspection System to offer the best possible quality products to its customers. The unit is made by Nikon/X-Tek and is a model XTV V 160.  This model is 3-D and CT capable featuring a 5-axis sample manipulator so that BGA balls can finally receive the inspection angle they need.  This model also has a dual display for simultaneous measurement and analysis.

Zober Industries Receives ISO 13485 Certification

Zober Industries, located in Croydon, Pa, is proud to announce that they have just been certified for ISO 13485 by NQA Global Assurance. This certification is applicable to the Contract Manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies, surface mount, through-hole assemblies, the configuration, testing, packaging and fulfillment services for active medical devices. This new certification was achieved at the same time as the new period for ISO 9001:2008, so the two are now running simultaneously.  Both certificates are available for viewing in the QUALITY section of the webpage. It is quite a feather in Zober’s cap to achieve both of these awards at the same time, and it is due to the diligence of everyone involved who made it possible.