Zober Industries, Inc is pleased to announce another major capital equipment acquisition. In mid 2017 we installed and began operating our second Amada laser cutter. This latest Amada FLCAJ 4020 model is a 4kw fiber laser which produces a laser beam with a wavelength that is approximately one tenth of that emitted by a conventional CO2 laser.

This results in process range expansion that ensures that unique materials such as copper (and other previously difficult to cut materials) can now be cut quickly and precisely. The extremely small spot density of the focused fiber laser beam results in unparalleled cutting speeds in thin materials – in some cases up to 5 times faster than the comparable CO2 laser. This machine is capable of cutting stainless steel as thick as 0.709″ and aluminum as thick as 0.630″.

This machine provides more efficient processing which we enhanced by adding on an automated handling system which can run operator free. Coupled with it’s lower operating cost (consumes 1/3 the energy of a comparable CO2 machine) this addition to our sheet metal fabrication department is a win/win for both Zober and our customers