The addition of the Saki BF-3Di-Z1 is an excellent compliment to the two Saki Frontier AOI machines that Zober has been utilizing to perform AOI insepection on 100% of the PCBAs we produce. Besides adding testing capacity this latest technology machine provides us with 3D AOI capability.

The BF-3Di-Z1 measures the height of all the parts on a PCB and provides clear side-view images of all devices which significantly improves inspection capabilities over 2D technology. Using quad directional side cameras this AOI can inspect QFN’s, J-leads and connectors and enables detection of the most difficult defects such as lifted leads, tombstones, reverses and height variations.

The 3D technology in this machine enables measurement of component heights from 0 to 20mm, measurement of the surface of SMD devices and PTH packages from all four directions without a dead angle, achieves full automation with very low false calls and zero escapes and detects failures of microchips with small pads and parts that have bottom electrodes.