The skin and skeleton of so many products, sheet metal is vitally important.

Using a variety of computer-driven turret punches, brakes and fabricators, our sheet-stock mechanics turn out chassis, housings and other parts to precision tolerances.

Zober’s sheet metal capability is anchored by three computerized Amada turret punch presses and supported by a workforce highly competent in short run fabrication, specialty fabrication and quality control.

Forming on a variety of brakes, automatic stamping and tapping on CNC machinery, welding by hand or by Robotic, and the full gamut of related processes yields a virtually unlimited variety of parts to suit any design configuration. Parts are prepared for final finishing or plating as needed, cleaned and inspected.

The exceptional quality of everything we build is reflected in the immaculate work of our paint and finish departments. Wrapping up a production run, we apply wet or powder coats, various grained finishes and other final touches to make a great-looking product. Completing our commitment to consistent high quality, the care we take in finishing ensures you get products that work and look right.