From prototyping and proof-of-concept to full production, Zober puts it all together!

Flexible, talented and attentive to detail, our assemblers have received
numerous awards and recognition for quality-conscious work.

In Zober’s clean, well-equipped assembly department, Zober technicians integrate state-of-the-art boards into subassemblies and completed products. We’re set up to handle virtually any production need. Blanket production and just-in-time delivery that lets you concentrate on running your business, confident that your products will be where you need them, when you need them.

Our staff, working in teams, is encouraged to think about ways to do the job better and we routinely adopt their ideas to improve efficiency, quality and delivery. They also practice detailed quality control at every stage, with specific quality points governing every procedure.

And, if your assembly or manufacturing project simply requires additional manpower, Zober offers full-capability, Labor only services as well.