Zober continues to invest in smart technologies to bring you the best product on the best timetable.

Able to apply spot, stitch or continuous welds in virtually any configuration in a fraction of the time manual welding takes, this Robotic welder is able to weld mig, tig and is one of the most advanced smart tools available. All welding is to ASTM standards by State-of-the-Art Certified Welders.

For large runs of complex parts it gives you a strong advantage over traditional manual welding.


Zober’s design services is an integral part of our operation. Whether in Computer Assisted Manufacturing or Design, our engineers can take an existing product and make it more manufacturable; or develop a completely new design from your basic concept.

Our goal is to keep prices low while optimizing production. Whether it’s mechanical, electronic or a combination of both, Zober’s design team can handle the job.

Complete in-house design capability means you can count on us to help you find the best way to your goal. Our engineers have the latest software available to assist them in their efforts.

We can take your concept or schematic and fully design and lay out a printed circuit board, mechanical assembly or metal enclosure; always with an eye toward maximum manufacturability. We build both software and solid models to test design principles, cost-effectiveness, appearance and functionality.