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Zober Advantage

By having direct control over the major manufacturing processes, we are able to produce a quality product, on line faster, and for less money.
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  In our state of the art lead free manufacturing area. We are ready for the regulatory requirements and challenges that face American businesses abroad.
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Thru-Hole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

Using high-speed equipment and methods, our electronics team produces consistent, high-quality boards and sub-assemblies. Optical, microscopic, X-ray and computerized comparison checks are integral to every step in the process. Click here to get your free quote!
ISO 9001lead free
Thru-Hole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Finished Product of Thru-Hole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly
The Zober PCB staff cultivates meticulous attention to detail and a proprietary attitude toward excellence.
State of the art Thru-Hole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly Technology Large Run and High Speed Thru-Hole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly
We believe firmly in the concept that a secure, highly motivated workforce is the single most important element in any business.
High Quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Experienced and highly trained Employees
We make employee training, comfort and retention a priority so we can earn and keep your trust.

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